Title: Nightclubbing
Author: elim
Rating: PG
Main Characters: Munch/Cassidy
Archive: ask me first :) Warnings: No sex. There really isnít even much beyond vague suggestions, unfortunately
Summary: Munch asks Cassidy to go to one of the more interesting clubs, Cassidy used to goto.
Feedback would be welcomed :)


"Brian, Brian, Brian," Munch said, laughing.

"What now?"

"A lot of people do that kind of thing - most never go so far."

"I know," Cassidy groused. "Iím not as naive as you seem to think."

"I never suggested you were," Munch told him, as he leaned back in his chair.

Cassidy quickly checked that there wasnít anyone within earshot, "You know the fetish club on the edge of the main business district?"

Munch thought about it, before nodding slowly. "The one set up in a converted office-block?"

Cassidy nodded, "A friend got me a membership."

"Have you been?"

Cassidy smiled sheepishly, "A couple of times. I was more interested in looking around, than anything else."

"Voyeurism?" Munch grinned even more.

Cassidy sighed, amused as much as anything else. "No, my friend was the one more interested in the bondage scene. Dragging me along when he started to go back there, without his ex-boyfriend."

Munch blinked at the mention of a gay male friend.

"Donít we have a meeting with the assistant DA, in less than twenty minutes time?" Cassidy asked, as he stood up and grabbed his coat.

Suddenly interested, Munch couldnít resist asking. "Want to do a little after hours research?"

"Maybe," Cassidy said. "Are you coming with me, or should I go see the DA by myself?"


Later that evening.

Munch was sitting in Cassidyís lounge, drumming his fingers on his leg, as he waited for Brain to finish getting changed.

"This club better be worth it!" He yelled through to Cassidyís bedroom.

The sound of leather gilding against leather, caused him to turn around. "What are you wearing?"

Munch could clearly see the black leather boots and pants Cassidy was wearing, but Brianís hands obscured his torso as he did up his shirt.

"Just a little something Iíve kept."

Munch walked towards him, eyeing Cassidyís chest. "What have you got on under that shirt?"

Cassidy dropped his hands, allowing the remaining buttons to fall open. Giving a good enough view of strips of the black leather and metal studs, criss-crossing his chest and attached to a leather collar around his neck.

"It was a joke present from one of my friends."

As he moved across the room, he grabbed his coat, using it to hide in.

"John, are you coming?"

"Why do I think this is going to be more educational, than Iíd originally intended?"


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